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15 Astonishing Video Conferencing Statistics for 2020

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The meteoric rise of video conferencing is taking the world by storm.  As a result, the video call is fast becoming an essential business tool rather than an optional innovation, video conferencing statistics reveal.  So much so that we’re seeing everything from simple one-on-one meetings to large office meetings and ultimately to full events live-streamed […]

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16 Remarkable Cord Cutting Statistics [Updated in 2020]

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Over the last several years, cable and satellite TV providers have been experiencing a massive loss of customers, cord cutting statistics confirm.  You may not be aware of it, but you’re probably part of the problem.  Ask yourself: When was the last time you watched something on cable or satellite TV?  Last week? Last month? […]

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15+ Sensational Shopify Statistics for 2020

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Setting up a successful online store can be a daunting experience, one that the founders of Shopify went through themselves.  Most solutions come from the need to solve one’s own problems.  But what started as a way to help one person find the best way to sell snowboards online quickly became one of the leading […]

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20 Stunning Live Streaming Statistics to Keep an Eye on

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You can find a live stream on any topic you can think of:  From live sports broadcasts of your favorite football team, to Instagram Live sessions and live video blogs by your favorite celebrities and influencers, to a Zoom meeting with your friends and colleagues – live streaming is taking over the world right now. […]

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How to Save Money Shopping Online [Tips & Tricks for 2020]

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Online shopping is always cheaper than shopping in-store, right? Well, yes and no.  The fact is:  Some things, sometimes, under certain circumstances are going to save you money, while others will not.  But of all times, now is the time to buy online! With that in mind:  Let’s see how to save money shopping online, […]

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15+ Worrying Cell Phone Addiction Statistics for 2020

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Have you ever glanced at your phone screen time statistics and been shocked by the amount of time you’ve spent on your phone all day simply just scrolling?  Let’s face it: You’re not alone. In fact, the latest cell phone addiction statistics illustrate an alarming problem: We can’t seem to stay off our phones!  Understandably, […]

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23 Coupon Statistics to Help You Save Money in 2020

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Coupons are shaping consumer behavior worldwide, from newspaper coupon clippings to unique codes and QR scans for coupon redemption.  As technology continues to evolve and affect how we shop, digital coupons are an innovative strategy for retailers to reward their loyal customers, coupon statistics confirm. Keep reading to learn some interesting coupon facts and stats […]

13 Chatbot Statistics Reshaping Customer Service in 2020

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The age of the robots is here. According to the latest chatbot statistics, companies are increasingly replacing their customer service with chatbots.  The benefit is easy to see:  Customers can skip the most annoying part of customer service – waiting – and immediately talk to a bot to see if they’re able to find an […]

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How Many Online Stores Are There in 2020?

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There aren’t many online shopping statistics that are harder to untangle than the number of online stores.  The thing is: In times of uncertainty such as 2020, the face of online commerce is changing forever.  Companies are going out of business, and new shops are popping up out of necessity and chance.  What’s more: The […]