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20 Eye-catching Graphic Design Statistics [New for 2020]

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As we continue to spend more and more time in the digital world, the graphic design industry is going through some massive changes. The thing is: Graphic design statistics point to a dramatic shift from press to screen and the ever-growing importance of good visual content. What’s more: As our attention is split between multiple […]

21 Amazing Augmented Reality Statistics [The 2020 Update]

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Augmented reality technology (AR) integrates digital information with the physical environment, live and in real-time. It works by adding graphics, sounds, haptic feedback, and/or smells to the natural world. In this way, it’s able to combine real life with a superimposed image or animation, using the camera on a mobile device or special headgear.  Augmented […]

What Is the Best Time of Day to Send an Email?

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The cold email, the campaign, the newsletter, the sales email – they all have times when they will perform better or go unread. And everyone sending them out knows the struggle of getting your email to the top of the list at just the right time.  Just think of how often we glance over the […]

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17 Personal Finance Statistics to Help You Start Saving

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Have you seen the Netflix series Dirty Money? If you have, we bet you assumed it’s based on a true story, keeping in mind the materialistic world we live in.  As a matter of fact, we handle money on a daily basis. And yet, 43% of the respondents in a recent survey don’t know how […]


19 Shocking Ransomware Statistics to Keep You on Your Toes

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The word ransomware sounds malicious right off the bat. And indeed, ransomware is not something you would want to encounter in your life.  Here’s why: It’s a form of malware (malicious software) that encrypts the victim’s secured files. Hackers can then blackmail victims for some form of payment that usually ranges from a few hundred […]

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17 Alarming Phishing Statistics You Need to Read in 2020

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Our personal information should remain personal. However, over the last few years, alarming phishing statistics reveal that many phishing emails have been sent and opened, resulting in significant damages.  But what is data phishing, and?  Here’s the thing: Phishing is the unethical and malicious act of baiting unsuspecting users for their personal information via emails, […]

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13 Mind-blowing Virtual Tour Statistics [Updated for 2020]

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Virtual tours are a new form of marketing that allows customers to experience services or products by a retailer in a virtual environment.  Thanks to the evolution of digital photography and virtual imaging, 360 photos and virtual tours are readily available. Here’s the deal:  A virtual tour can improve a business, as it gives a […]

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14 Astonishing Web Hosting Statistics [The 2020 Update]

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The amount of information on the internet is unfathomable. We can search for literally anything online and get a full set of answers, and more.  Let’s face it: We can’t live without the internet.  But what enables users to retrieve all this information in a few clicks? Where do all these websites live?  In fact, […]

16 Spotify Stats to Keep You Musically Connected in 2020

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Music is a form of art many enjoy, dating back thousands of years. Did you know archaeologists have discovered prehistoric flutes made out of bones?  Whoah! Today, music has evolved to even greater lengths, with streaming platforms like Spotify changing the way we access, store, and listen to our favorite tunes.  With Spotify, users can […]


12+ Beautiful Branding Statistics to Check out in 2020

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The primary purpose of branding is to create an overall image a company will be identified and associated with, which will ultimately lead to gaining and keeping the loyalty of its customers.  What is brand recognition?  It’s a middle ground, a halfway between brand rejection and non-recognition to brand preference and, finally, brand loyalty. Brand […]