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15+ Worrying Cell Phone Addiction Statistics for 2020

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Have you ever accidentally glanced at your phone screen time statistics and been shocked by the amount of time you’ve spent on your phone all day simply just scrolling?  Let’s face it: You’re not alone. In fact, the latest cell phone addiction statistics illustrate an alarming problem: We can’t seem to stay off our phones!  […]

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17 Black Friday vs Cyber Monday Statistics for 2020

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The week leading up to Black Friday can be full of offers and deal announcements. And it’s not rare that the end of the Thanksgiving dinner turns into browsing in preparation for the next day.  One of the biggest shopping weekends, the weekend from Thanksgiving Thursday through Cyber Monday requires between 530,000 and 590,000 additional […]

17+ Incredible Virtual Reality Statistics [2020 Update]

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Have you heard about Virtual Reality (VR)? Or maybe seen people with a headset playing video games, or virtually traveling around the Maldives?  So, how about learning something else about virtual reality statistics to get a complete insight into the industry? First things first: Virtual Reality is the simulated, sensory experience including sight, hearing, smell, […]

13 Chatbot Statistics Reshaping Customer Service in 2020

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The age of the robots is here. According to the latest chatbot statistics, companies are increasingly replacing their customer service with chatbots.  The benefit is easy to see:  Customers can skip the most annoying part of customer service, waiting, and immediately talk to a bot to see if they’re able to find an answer to […]

21 Amazing Augmented Reality Statistics [The 2020 Update]

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Augmented reality technology (AR) integrates digital information with the physical environment, live and in real-time. It works by adding graphics, sounds, haptic feedback, and/or smells to the natural world. In this way, it’s able to combine real life with a superimposed image or animation, using the camera on a mobile device or special headgear.  Augmented […]

What Is the Best Time of Day to Send an Email?

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The cold email, the campaign, the newsletter, the sales email – they all have times when they will perform better or go unread. And everyone sending them out knows the struggle of getting your email to the top of the list at just the right time.  Just think of how often we glance over the […]

How Many Subscribers Does HBO Have? [19 Stats for 2020]

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In case you didn’t know, HBO stands for “Home Box Office.” It’s a premium cable and satellite television network launched in 1972. And the company’s headquarters are in New York City.  Now: You might be wondering how many subscribers does HBO have now? According to HBO statistics from 2016, HBO had 134 million subscribers worldwide.  […]

16 Spotify Stats to Keep You Musically Connected in 2020

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Music is a form of art many enjoy, dating back thousands of years. Did you know archaeologists have discovered prehistoric flutes made out of bones?  Whoah! Today, music has evolved to even greater lengths, with streaming platforms like Spotify changing the way we access, store, and listen to our favorite tunes.  With Spotify, users can […]


12+ Beautiful Branding Statistics to Check out in 2020

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The primary purpose of branding is to create an overall image a company will be identified and associated with, which will ultimately lead to gaining and keeping the loyalty of its customers.  What is brand recognition?  It’s a middle ground, a halfway between brand rejection and non-recognition to brand preference and, finally, brand loyalty. Brand […]

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20 Online Shopping Statistics You Need to Read in 2020

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Since the first online purchase in 1994, online shopping has boomed into a multi-trillion dollar industry. There’s nothing more convenient than buying items online and having them delivered to your doorstep.  And as more people jump on the online shopping bandwagon, the industry is constantly evolving to make the whole process more seamless for customers […]