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How Many Subscribers Does HBO Have? [19 Stats for 2020]

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In case you didn’t know, HBO stands for “Home Box Office.” It’s a premium cable and satellite television network launched in 1972. And the company’s headquarters are in New York City.  Now: You might be wondering how many subscribers does HBO have now? According to HBO statistics from 2016, HBO had 134 million subscribers worldwide.  […]

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How Many Blog Posts per Day Should You Post in 2020?

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You can find a blog on any topic these days, as more people are starting one either as a hobby or to make a few extra bucks.  Yes, blogging can be a lucrative income. But only a small percentage of bloggers actually make sustainable incomes.  Why? Because coming up with original and creative content can […]

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20 Incredible Web Design Statistics [The 2020 Verdict]

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How many times have you quit a page because it had a web design that wasn’t optimized for mobile?  Probably way more than you can remember. And you’re not alone.  Web design statistics tell us everyone who pays attention to the importance of good and functional web design, from budding bloggers to big brands, is […]

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What Is the Most Popular Web Server Application in 2020?

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If you have spent your fair share of time online, you’ve probably heard of or come across the word server. And even if you haven’t, you are still using them.  The thing is: Every time you connect to the internet and every time you’re opening an app like Instagram, you’re connecting to a web server. […]

17+ Incredible Virtual Reality Statistics [2020 Update]

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Have you heard about Virtual Reality (VR)? Or maybe seen people with a headset playing video games, or virtually traveling around the Maldives?  So, how about learning something else about virtual reality statistics to get a complete insight into the industry? First things first: Virtual Reality is the simulated, sensory experience including sight, hearing, smell, […]


17 Mind-blowing Cloud Computing Trends [Updated in 2020]

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What exactly can you find in the clouds? Is it really just rain droplets? Or perhaps the enigmatic girl “walking through the clouds with a circus mind that’s running wild” that Jimi Hendrix sang about in Little Wing? Then why do people usually refer to this imaginary “cloud” that they use to store information?  The […]

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15 Astonishing Video Conferencing Statistics for 2020

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The meteoric rise of video conferencing is taking the world by storm.  One of the biggest conveniences of the modern world in general, the video call is fast becoming an essential business tool rather than an optional innovation, video conferencing statistics reveal.  So much so that we’re seeing everything from simple one on one meetings […]

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What Is Mukbang? [Why We Like to Watch People Eating]

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You might have heard about the internet trend of eating in front of a webcam while thousands of people are watching. Or maybe seen a video of people eating or even competing against each other. It’s such a fun and popular activity, it even has a name. It’s called a Mukbang.  But what is Mukbang […]

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16 Remarkable Cord Cutting Statistics [Updated in 2020]

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Over the last several years, cable and satellite TV providers have been experiencing a massive loss of customers, cord cutting statistics confirm.  You may not be aware of it, but you’re probably part of the problem.  Ask yourself: When was the last time you watched something on cable or satellite TV?  Last week? Last month? […]

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20 Online Shopping Statistics You Need to Read in 2020

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Since the first online purchase in 1994, online shopping has boomed into a multi-trillion dollar industry. There’s nothing more convenient than buying items online and having them delivered to your doorstep.  And as more people jump on the online shopping bandwagon, the industry is constantly evolving to make the whole process more seamless for customers […]