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What Is Mukbang? [Why We Like to Watch People Eating]

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You might have heard about the internet trend of eating in front of a webcam while thousands of people are watching. Or maybe seen a video of people eating or even competing against each other. It’s such a fun and popular activity, it even has a name. It’s called a Mukbang.  But what is Mukbang […]

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22 Mesmerizing M-commerce Statistics [Collected in 2020]

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Nowadays, it seems like people have their phones glued to their hands, don’t you think?  Well, it’s true:  The typical American spends around 5.4 hours on their mobile phone every day, smartphones statistics reveal. Yes, you read that right – hours, not minutes.  You might be wondering:  What is it that people do on their […]


19 Shocking Ransomware Statistics to Keep You on Your Toes

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The word ransomware sounds malicious right off the bat. And indeed, ransomware is not something you would want to encounter in your life.  Here’s why: It’s a form of malware (malicious software) that encrypts the victim’s secured files. Hackers can then blackmail victims for some form of payment that usually ranges from a few hundred […]

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14 Astonishing Web Hosting Statistics [The 2020 Update]

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The amount of information on the internet is unfathomable. We can search for literally anything online and get a full set of answers, and more.  Let’s face it: We can’t live without the internet.  But what enables users to retrieve all this information in a few clicks? Where do all these websites live?  In fact, […]

Facebook Live

20+ Fabulous Facebook Live Stats and Questions Answered

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Even if you’re not into creating live videos yourself, we bet you’ve seen everyone from your high school mate Kate to pop celebrities like Beyoncé use Facebook Live to communicate with their friends and followers.  Are you ready to find out the most intriguing Facebook Live stats for 2020? Then don’t go anywhere. First things […]

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20 Incredible Web Design Statistics [The 2020 Verdict]

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How many times have you quit a page because it had a web design that wasn’t optimized for mobile?  Probably way more than you can remember. And you’re not alone.  Web design statistics tell us everyone who pays attention to the importance of good and functional web design, from budding bloggers to big brands, is […]


17 Mind-blowing Cloud Computing Trends [Updated in 2020]

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What exactly can you find in the clouds? Is it really just rain droplets? Or perhaps the enigmatic girl “walking through the clouds with a circus mind that’s running wild” that Jimi Hendrix sang about in Little Wing? Then why do people usually refer to this imaginary “cloud” that they use to store information?  The […]

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14 Social Commerce Statistics that Will Surprise You in 2020

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How many times have you checked a product on social media before making a purchase?  Do you sometimes just make purchases by using social media networks to communicate with local producers?  The answer to both questions is very obvious:  It happens a lot. And we’ve got the social commerce statistics to prove it. Think about […]

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18 Alibaba Statistics [The Chinese Amazon by the Numbers]

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Dubbed the “Chinese Amazon,” Alibaba Group has expanded rapidly over the past few years. Not only is the conglomerate China’s leading ecommerce company, but it is also making strides all over the world.  In a short span of time, it has expanded into areas such as cloud computing services, payment services, and many more. The […]

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17 Personal Finance Statistics to Help You Start Saving

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Have you seen the Netflix series Dirty Money? If you have, we bet you assumed it’s based on a true story, keeping in mind the materialistic world we live in.  As a matter of fact, we handle money on a daily basis. And yet, 43% of the respondents in a recent survey don’t know how […]