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XSplit Discount Codes/Coupons/Deals 2021: Save up to 10%

XSplit isn’t just for live streamers, although the technology offers the perfect platform for setting up a professional live streaming studio. XSplit is also a video-mixing application suitable for everyone. 

With special features like the XSplit VCam, you can have a complete set-up without the complicated equipment. Record any live stream and have the creativity and flexibility to edit your footage via the background blur options or other personalization features.

Try XSplit today at the fraction of the usual price with our Split discount code deals. 

Create non-watermarked live streaming content with special features like background blurring, removal, or even replacing with customized backgrounds. XSplit also works with a variety of video conferencing applications, so you don’t have to worry about getting connected. 

The question is:

How much does XSplit VCam cost?

Getting a subscription is easy with the company's straightforward pricing. Subscribe to one of the following XSplit Premium plan options:

  • 3 months License at $24.95
  • 12 months License at $59.95
  • 36 months License at $149.95
  • Lifetime XSplit License at $199.00

How much is XSplit VCam?

For the XSplit VCam subscription packages, all prices and package contents are the same as the Premium subscription.

You can also buy a team license if you’re working with a team.

What XSplit Discount Code and Deals Are There?

The easiest way to find an XSplit coupon code is by bookmarking this page, as we’ll be keeping it updated constantly. You can usually find a good deal either on the XSplit website itself or from other participating partners as well.

If you’re lucky, you might even find a deal for an XSplit VCam Lifetime Subscription or other XSplit promo code deals.

There’s an ongoing promotion where you can get the following discounted prices:

  • 3-month License at $18.71
  • 12-month License at $44.96
  • 36-month License at $112.46
  • Lifetime License at $149.25

Plus, there’s also an XSplit code

  • 10% off Xsplit redeem code
  • 20% off on all offers
  • 35% off on all offers

How Do I Redeem a Code on XSplit?

To manually redeem your XSplit coupon, copy the desired code onto your clipboard. 

Next, go to to select the plan most suitable for your needs. XSplit plans are cleverly packaged so that you only pay for what you need.

When you’re ready to check out, go to your cart to review your transaction. This is also where you should paste your XSplit discount code

Once your final amount is refreshed and you’ve confirmed all your details, proceed with payment. That’s it - you’re done!

Time to create some great live streaming content and showcase your creativity with XSplit.

Other Deals

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Refund/Cancellation Policy

Since XSplit offers a free license with XSplit broadcaster, there aren’t any refunds. By subscribing to XSplit, you automatically agree to this as per the terms and conditions. 

So, before you get an XSplit subscription, be sure with your decision or first subscribe to the 3- month license.

Saving Tips and Tricks without a Coupon

XSplit broadcaster

This is a free license for XSplit, but it comes with limitations such as watermarked content if you are going for high res products and only four scenes. This free license is perfect for personal use or if you don’t require commercialization or any high-quality products. 

It’s also a great way to test out if XSplit is the right tool for your live streaming needs. Once you get the hang of it, you can consider upgrading to any of the XSplit plans.

Why Choose XSplit?

XSplit is perfect for those thinking of embarking on live streaming as a new hobby. Why not join the millions of content creators out there doing what they love? 

The thing is:

As any XSplit review will tell you, XSplit is not only the perfect partner because of the amazing software, but because of the reliable solutions. Both the paid and free licenses entitle users to free customer support. For any help at all, just pick up the phone or drop them an email. You can expect a response pretty promptly and get your issue resolved.

Plus, there’s really nothing much to think of if you subscribe today, as you’ll be getting a subscription at record low prices! You better hurry, as the deals are available for a limited time only. Also, don’t forget to use our XSplit discount codes on your next check out for an even sweeter deal!