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ThemeForest Coupon/Promo Codes/Deals 2021

What has become a discreet, online force of nature came from humble beginnings in a garage in Sydney, Australia. The first incarnation of Envato started as FlashDen, an online marketplace selling items that were compatible with Adobe Flash, a popular, near-ubiquitous web plugin at the time. 

Little by little, the fledgling company added more and more mini markets to its lineup (and undergoing some name changes all the while). Envato saw its first benchmark of success in 2011, when one of its mini markets, Kriesi, hit $1 million in earnings. In 2014, Envato passed $200 million in revenues from all its mini markets and crossed the $400 million mark in 2016. 

Part of what has made Envato so successful is its steadfast adherence to its mission. The company’s results-oriented team values frank honesty coming from “smart, curious, capable people with skill, passion, and integrity.”

Envato not only provides platforms for bloggers, but for designers, coders, A/V production and editing, digital marketers, and even photographers.

While prices for these services range depending on the field, finding service for under $100 is quite easy.

Unlike other digital marketplaces, Envato’s prices and quality are mostly uniform, providing many customers with a sense of reliability.

How Can You Use ThemeForest Coupons?

Just because its prices are reasonable doesn’t mean you can’t find online coupon codes for these services. Fortunately, ThemeForest coupon codes are in abundance on the Web, and aspiring WordPress bloggers can find them relatively quickly.

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Students can also take advantage of ThemeForest student discounts. You can save 30% off your next purchase with student pricing at ThemeForest. 

Of course, seeing as ThemeForest is an online business, it has plenty of Cyber Monday deals as well, which we are sure to bring to you on Digital in the Round. However, if you’re too impatient to wait until Cyber Monday, you will be pleased to know that there will also be Black Friday deals for ThemeForest to slash your ThemeForest prices.

In a similar vein as discounts and rewards options, ThemeForest also offers website templates specifically for displaying online coupon codes and redeeming reward points and collecting referrals.

It’s interesting to note that you can use a ThemeForest coupon code from a website like Digital in the Round to purchase your website designed for coupon codes.

What Are People Saying about ThemeForest?

ThemeForest boasts a plethora of 4- and 5-star ratings on trusted websites for categories like theme functionality, graphics, pricing, and support. Interestingly, the company tends to rate higher for the first three categories, while dipping a bit in the fourth category.

ThemeGrade, a website that reviews both general and SEO-centered WordPress themes, wrote an in-depth review concerning these four categories, making a note of the pros and cons of each. ThemeForest, which boasts the largest WordPress theme marketplace on the Web, is powered by high-end developers from all around the globe. 

However, it will encourage prospective customers to know that Envato has a stringent submission policy and often denies developers’ WordPress themes upon the first attempt. This commitment to quality is a reflection of Envato’s sterling company mission.

Unfortunately, ThemeForest did not receive a perfect rating for its theme pricing. While the themes themselves run for pretty solid prices (i.e., anywhere from $30-$60), the company hardly has any in-house deals or offers. 

These prices pale in comparison to those of its competitors, who often run buy-three-get-one types of deals for their customers. However, ThemeForest will run annual bundle campaigns, including plugins and themes from Envato’s best developers. 

There's a catch, though: 

Any web developers who wish to use ThemeForest WordPress themes for their website or client cannot take credit for the theme, as the credits and Javascript are copyrighted. 

Developers can avoid this pitfall, though: 

They may purchase a theme for their client, modify it according to their needs, and then put a vanity footer at the bottom of the theme, saying “Designed by [YOUR COMPANY NAME].” However, it’s best to check with your client to be on the safe side.

ThemeForest shines in user reviews. Many users give high ratings and praise ThemeForest’s selection of user-friendly themes. Sadly, though, expert bloggers and users seem to agree that ThemeForest’s user support is a bit lacking. 

Despite its 24/7 availability, ThemeForest often takes days to solve even some of the most uncomplicated issues. It goes to show you that you can have the best products in the world for a high-value, affordable price, but if there is a communication breakdown between the company and its customers, there will be permanent damage.

Now that you’re armed with more knowledge about reliable, affordable WordPress themes, go and get your first ThemeForest coupon code. It’s a great way to kickstart your blogging career and immerse yourself in a vibrant, booming online community that pushes you to hone your writing and web development skills.