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TechSmith Coupon/Promo Codes/Deals 2021

With its main products, Camtasia and Snag, the TechSmith screen capture and video editing software makes it easy to create screenshots, screencasts, videos, tutorials, and lessons. The regular Camtasia prices are $249.00, and SnagIt goes for $49.95, but with Camtasia studio education pricing and other TechSmith promotional codes, you might save quite a bit.

You can find some of the more popular TechSmith coupons below. And keep in mind to use your TechSmith coupon codes before you make a purchase.

What TechSmith Deals and Coupons Are There? 


  • Get a Camtasia 2020 Education discount with a 30-day money-back guarantee for only $169. Save $80 with this one-time fee for a single license that you can install on two computers per user on this Camtasia sale.

  • Save on Camtasia Maintenance with upgrades to the newest version and priority support for one year with the Camtasia upgrade promo code.

  • Get a Snagit 2020 Education discount with a 30-day money-back guarantee for only $29.95 instead of $49.95.  Save $20 with this one-time fee for a single license that you can install on two computers per user and choose between the English, German, or French versions.

  • Save on one year of Snagit maintenance, which includes the guaranteed next version for Snagit upgrade, Snagit 2021, as well as priority support, volume buy benefits, and Snagit Certification training, which will improve your skills.

TechSmith Coupons 2021

These are some of the coupons we came across recently. Make sure you bookmark Digital in the Round to stay up to speed with the latest offers, as we’re updating this page on a regular basis.

  • 50% Off off Snagit Screen Capture with volume discounts  
  • 40% Off Snagit 2021 Education Software with Snagit coupons
  • Up to 33% off Camtasia/Snagit Bundle 
  • Snagit 2020 Screen Capture - starting at $49.95. 
  • 40% Off Camtasia with a Camtasia coupon
  • 60% Off Camtasia TechSmith promo code
  • 60% Off  TechSmith Snagit promo code 2021
  • 30% Off Morae
  • 30% Off TechSmith Relay
  • 60% Off Camtasia 2021 Education Discount with Camtasia codes
  • 50% Off Snagit 2021 Education Discount

How to Redeem a TechSmith Promo Code? 

Simply click the button next to the deal of your choice to redeem your coupon. It will take you to the page where you can get Camtasia and Snagit at a special discounted price.

After you copy your Snagit or Camtasia promo code, paste it in the APPLY  coupon place on the TechSmith checkout page. 

And that’s it! You’ll be getting your screen shooting or video editing software at an incredible price, saving enough money to get a one-year maintenance deal for a song.

Who Is a TechSmith Coupon for?

TechSmith coupons can be used by everyone.

Special offers include programs for individuals, companies, students, teachers, nonprofit, and government organizations.

Other TechSmith Deals

The trial version of Camtasia is subject to the Camtasia End User License Agreement, which gives the user a non-exclusive, limited license to install the trial version of Camtasia on one computer for testing and review.

The free trial is not to be used for business rationing or any other commercial use, and it is provided on an "as-is" basis.

This license ends after the 30-day period or earlier if you choose to buy the product, and videos produced during that time include a watermark. The trial period can be terminated at any time by TechSmith. 

The same goes for the Snag it free trial and the rest of the TechSmith products. We’ll keep an eye out for any Camtasia Black Friday deals and keep you posted.

TechSmith Payment Options

When buying TechSmith products, you can use  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB, check cards, and ATM cards provided they are issued by these credit card companies. PayPal and Amazon payment is possible, as well as checks, money orders, and wire transfers.

Refund/Cancellation Policy 

For all TechSmith products, there is a return policy of 30 days from the date of purchase. If you’re not satisfied with the product, it’s possible to return it within 30 days and receive a refund for the product price.

Saving Tips and Tricks without a Coupon

Even if you don’t have a TechSmith discount code, you can still save big. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Single-license one-time fees individual, business, educational, or non-profit are applicable on two machines per user.

  • One-year maintenance is usually heavily discounted if purchased along with a single license.

  • Without coupons, there are multiple ways to get a good Camtasia discount by using special pricing for education, non-profit, and government. You can get discounts and volume pricing, especially if you’re a student or teacher, or any type of non-profit or government agency and organization.

Why Choose TechSmith? 

If you’re in need of clear and simple improvement to your online communication, then look no further. TechSmith provides screen capture software that is the perfect solution for creating and sharing all your images and videos. It makes training tutorials lessons and business communication easy and clear.

Always remember to use a free Camtasia code or any of our other amazing TechSmith promo codes and save big on Camtasia and Snagit.