StudioPress Coupon/Promo Codes/Deals 2021

StudioPress’s official policy is not to issue Studiopress theme coupon codes to the public. It also does not offer StudioPress Genesis coupon deals. The company believes that it prices its products reasonably and that they offer considerable value to customers already. 

In rare circumstances, it gives returning customers exclusive StudioPress coupon codes. 

The good news, though, is that there are still plenty of opportunities to save, which we will discuss below. 

Other StudioPress Deals

StudioPress isn't just a simple WordPress theme provider. Instead, it offers a host of additional services on top of basic themes that provide a kind of "framework" for site development. Even if you can’t get a StudioPress framework coupon or Studiopress promo code, you can still save.

If you choose an "All-in-One" package, you're getting the WP Engine, which includes both the Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes. The cloud-based hosting solution gives WordPress sites high availability, scalability, security, and speed, all backstopped by an award-winning customer service department. 

WP Engine offers a range of plans, all designed for businesses of different stages. Each includes free StudioPress themes as standard. You don’t even need a StudioPress coupon code.

WP Engine, for instance, offers a "Start" package if you're starting up. It includes 35+ StudioPress themes for just $25 per month if you pay $300 for the year upfront. 

For growing businesses, WP Engine offers a "Grow" package for $95 per month with annual billing. For that, you get 35+ StudioPress in addition to 100,000 site visits per month, 20GB of local storage, and more than 200GB of bandwidth.

Additional packages are available at a higher cost, but the same logic applies. If you opt for an annual subscription, you'll pay far less than if you go down the monthly billing route. 

If you're looking for individual themes or packages, then StudioPress offers a variety of these, too. Most come with the company's WordPress block editor called Genesis, offering significant discounts if you bundle both into the same package. StudioPress VERIFIED promo codes are few and far between, but you can still save when you choose to bundle.

You can get the Minimum Pro Theme Package and Genesis Framework Package for $99.95 for the pair. This package offers unlimited support for one year before you have to renew.

Those who need more can opt for Genesis Pro. It is $360 per year and includes unlimited updates, unlimited technical support, and pre-build page layouts, allowing you to get set up in minutes. 

StudioPress also offers free theme packages for website builders who sign up for WP Engine services. These packages cover the gamut of all different types of companies, allowing you to find something that suits your needs. 

Refund/Cancellation Policy

StudioPress offers a generous refund and cancellation policy available through the MyStudioPress platform. If you request a return within the first 30 days of your theme purchase, you can get the full amount you paid on request, whether you used a Studiopress verified & updated promo code or not. 

If you request a refund within the first 60 days of using Genesis Pro, you will also get the full amount you paid back on request, including if you opted for a StudioPress discount.

Saving Tips and Tricks without a Coupon

The best way to save money with StudioPress is to purchase a WP Engine package. This StudioPress top offer provides you with WordPress hosting in addition to a range of free StudioPress themes. Here, you get access to 35+ themes (at the discretion of StudioPress) and server space to support your website. 

If you decide to use WP Engine, be sure to opt for annual billing using the slider at the top of the table. Studiopress money-saving options like this can reduce the monthly cost of the service by around 20%. 

Why Choose StudioPress?

There are a host of brands out there, all offering high-quality WordPress themes. So why choose StudioPress, particularly if you can’t get a coupon for StudioPress Genesis framework?

First, StudioPress excels on the SEO front. The team behind it is adept at creating clean code that allows sites to run smoothly without glitches. When a user visits a website with a StudioPress theme, it loads fast, increasing dwell time and signaling to Google that the page experience is excellent

Second, StudioPress themes tend to have exceptional reliability, thanks to the Genesis Framework. Currently, the brand has more than 200,000 users and is growing fast, mainly because of the supreme utility of the backend.

Using the Genesis Framework can save business owners countless hours by avoiding technical issues and keeping their themes running long-term, without risk of discontinuing them. The brand believes it offers so much value already, it doesn’t offer a Genesis discount code.

Third, StudioPress's lightweight code means that there's no bloat slowing your website down. If you want to go with a simple theme to keep loading times to a minimum, you can. Addons are purely optional extras and don't come with the main package if they're not necessary. 

StudioPress is also famed for its combination of mobile-friendliness. Practically all themes are HTML5 and mobile-responsive, making it easy to go mobile-first.

For companies looking for the ultimate in security, StudioPress does well here, too. The quality of coding is becoming increasingly important because brands need sites that hackers can't exploit. StudioPress employs a team of experts to review its themes and tweak them where necessary to improve their reliability.

So, in summary, StudioPress is one of the most exciting WordPress theme providers because it offers a network of support to help webmasters get the most out of the service. While it may be difficult to find a StudioPress coupon online, the outfit still offers plenty of offers, allowing you to get a great deal on a theme.