Squarespace Coupon/Promo Codes/Deals 2021: Get up to 10% off

Squarespace is a platform that allows individuals to speak their minds and showcase creativity. With Squarespace, you have a reliable partner to build and host stunning websites. You don’t even have to be a web developer or technical expert.

With an intuitive platform, pre-built templates, and drag-and-drop functions, anyone can build a functional website in just a few clicks. 

Squarespace offers simple plans with simple pricing so that users only pay for what they need. The company aims to make its services accessible to all. Users can also set up a site and pick a plan later.

Moreover, all plans also include access to Squarespace’s award-winning customer service available 24/7 to help you when you meet roadblocks along the way.

Here are the standard Squarespace pricing plans:

  • Squarespace Personal at $16 a month
  • Squarespace Business at $26 a month
  • Squarespace Commerce (Basic) at $30 a month
  • Squarespace Commerce (Advanced) at $46 a month

With a Squarespace Personal plan, you already have access to a whole plethora of features, including unlimited bandwidth and storage, SSL security, SEO, templates, up to two contributors, mobile-optimization for your websites, basic site analytics, extensions, and 24/7 customer support.

If you wish to unlock even more premium features, you can easily upgrade to a higher plan at any time.

What Squarespace Promo Code Deals Are There?

Luckily for Squarespace users, they can always find a Squarespace promo and Squarespace coupons that provide even more opportunities to save. This time, we’ve done the searching for you, and here are the Squarespace discounts currently available:

  • Up to 10% discount sitewide Squarespace discount code
  • 50% off annual subscription (Squarespace discount available for students only)

A Squarespace sale usually appears in the form of percentage discounts towards your monthly or annual subscription. Your Squarespace code will also typically be applied automatically. If it doesn’t seem to be working, read the fine print for more information on its validity.

Where Do I Enter a Promo Code on Squarespace?

If your Squarespace coupon code is valid but still doesn’t seem to be working, it could mean that you must manually input it to get the discount. Don’t worry, though, as it will only take you a couple of minutes and a couple of clicks!

Here’s how to manually input your Squarespace codes:

1. Click on your desired Squarespace coupon to reveal your Squarespace promo code. Manually copy your code onto the clipboard. Clicking on the code will also direct you to squarespace.com, where you can select your ideal plan.

2. When you’re ready, head to checkout where you can review your order. Then, manually input your Squarespace offer code where applicable, and your final discounted amount will be revealed.

3. Continue your payment, and you’re all set to build stunning websites for all to see.

Other Squarespace Deals

For more Squarespace offer codes and discounts, sign up your email address with the company for free so that you will be the first to receive notifications on the latest deals.

Also, keep an eye out for Squarespace Cyber Monday and Squarespace Black Friday offers.

We’ll show you some other savings methods in the next few parts!

Refund/Cancellation Policy

If you cancel your annual website subscription within the first 14 days of your purchase, you will automatically receive a refund. If you don’t, it will be renewed each month automatically.

Unfortunately, no refunds will be given if you wish to cancel after 14 days. Monthly subscription plans are also not be entitled to refunds.

If you have been waiting for your refund but have not heard back from the Squarespace team, simply complete a refund request form. You should receive a response within 2 working days. Do note that refunds may take between 3 to 10 working days to reflect in your account.

Saving Tips and Tricks without a Squarespace Offer Code

Try Squarespace with a 14-day free trial

Subscribe to an annual plan, and you will be entitled to a 14-day free trial. This will give you full use of Squarespace so that you can have a look and feel of the software. You can even begin to set up your site!

Subscribe to an annual subscription

If you subscribe to an annual subscription, you can get an additional 30% discount on your monthly fees! Here’s the deal:

  • Squarespace Personal at $12 a month
  • Squarespace Business at $18 a month
  • Squarespace Commerce (Basic) at $26 a month
  • Squarespace Commerce (Advanced) at $40 a month

Why Choose Squarespace?

Squarespace should be your choice because you can design stunning and highly functional websites in just a few clicks. Squarespace also makes its solutions and services accessible to all with simple, affordable pricing. An offer code for Squarespace is also available to help customers save even more!


How do you get a discount on Squarespace?

You can search online for Squarespace promo codes and Squarespace discount codes, but it’s far easier to simply bookmark this page, as we’ll be updating it constantly! Additionally, you can sign up your email address at www.squarespace.com for the latest deals.

Is there a Squarespace offer code student discount? 

Yes, there is currently a 50% Squarespace coupon for students available only for an annual subscription.