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Mobvoi Coupon/Promo Codes/Deals 2021: Save up to 20%

Mobvoi has constantly been achieving great heights in championing AI technology in everyday life. Are you interested in any of the Mobvoi products? Then you’re in luck because we’ll be sharing some Mobvoi discount code deals we’ve found online that can help you save big! 

Most people are familiar with Mobvoi’s line of smartwatches called TicWatch. These watches are truly something of the future. 

But that’s not all: 

Mobvoi’s consumer product line includes the Mobvoi app; Ticpods, a line of wireless smart earphones; TicMirror, a smart rearview mirror; Tickasa, a line of smart speakers, as well as other intelligent software and hardware products.

Here’s some Mobvoi product pricing to give you an idea of what gadgets might suit your lifestyle:

Mobvoi Smartwatches

  • TicWatch GTX at $59.99
  • TicWatch Pro 2020 at $274.99
  • TicWatch Pro 3 GPS at $299.99

Mobvoi Earphones

  • TicPods ANC at $69.99
  • TicPods 2 Navy at $74.99
  • TicPods 2 Pro+ at $118.99
  • Headphones ANC at $84.99

What Mobvoi Coupon and Promo Codes Are There?

All everyone raves about Mobvoi is the line of smartwatches called the TicWatch. Are you lucky enough to come across an ongoing TicWatch sale? You can usually find a TicWatch pro sale depending on the time of year, especially the TicWatch Black Friday sale! 

Now let’s explore some deals:

  • Get 20% off when you shop online (sale applicable sitewide)
  • 20% off on selected TicWatches
  • 10% off on selected products
  • 5% off sitewide
  • Free shipping

How to Redeem a Mobvoi Discount Code?

To redeem a TicWatch coupon or any TicWatch coupon code, you just have to follow a few simple steps. 

First, copy the desired TicWatch discount code onto your clipboard by right-clicking on the code. 

Then, go to the Mobvoi store online at to select the gadgets that best suit your lifestyle. 

Ready to check out? Proceed to review your cart. This is when you should paste your Mobvoi coupon where it says, “Have a voucher code.” Once your new total is refreshed, make the payment, and you’re all set!

Mobvoi shipping time typically takes between two to four working days. So, sit tight, and your TicWatch should be at your doorstep in no time!

Other Deals

There are no other ongoing deals currently but be sure to sign up your email address with Mobvoi for the latest deals. You will also receive a 3% discount for signing up!

Cancellation/Mobvoi Return Policy

Mobvoi products come with a one-year warranty. Should any problems occur within this period, Mobvoi has the responsibility to repair or replace the product.

To make a claim, reach out to the Mobvoi team by visiting Upon making your claim, you must provide relevant information, such as your personal and order details. Should Mobvoi request your information, you must provide it within 30 days of making your claim. Otherwise, it can be voided.

It may take a while for the Mobvoi team to review your claim. Someone from the team will contact you to inform you whether your claim is approved or rejected.

If it’s approved, you have to fill out the Return Merchandise Authorization RMA form. You must also return the faulty item along with other information your claim agent asks for along with this form.

Saving Tips and Tricks without a TicWatch Pro Coupon Code

Subscribe to get 3% off

One of the easiest ways to save with Mobvoi is to sign up your email address with the company for future updates. Not only will it not cost you anything, but you will get 3% off your next order! Plus, being part of the Mobvoi team means that you will be receiving firsthand news on the latest exclusive promotions and launches.

Pay in installments with 0 interest

Yes! You can get yourself a TicWatch and pay it in monthly installments. For instance, if you’re thinking of getting the TicWatch Pro 3 GPS, you can have them separate the payment into installments of $50.00 each payment, with no interest charged.

Referral Program

By referring a friend, you’ll get a 10% rebate. Your friend will get 5% off on their purchase. You can stack your rebates and exchange them for cash. 

Why Choose Mobvoi?

Mobvoi’s products and solutions help people to increase their quality of life. Competing with brands such as Samsung and Apple, Mobvoi has won several awards over the years.

Its first-ever award was back in 2015 when the company won the title of “Most influential Asian Business of the Year” at the ROI Festival. Later the same year, the TicWatch line became one of Baidu China’s top nine most creative smart devices, and rightfully so!

Get a life-changing gadget from Mobvoi today at a fraction of the price with our Mobvoi coupon!