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ManyCam Discount Code Promos & Deals 2021

Currently, the company is offering up to 25% off all the annual and lifetime subscription plans. Besides offering exclusive deals and discount codes, ManyCam is offering an affiliate program and reseller program, too.

Regular pricing on the individual, annual, and lifetime plans on many

  • Premium: $99/year and $199/lifetime
  • Studio: $69/year and $149 lifetime
  • Standard: $39/year and $79 lifetime

Whereas for businesses, the pricing on the annual and lifetime plans is as follows:

  • Enterprise 10: $399 /year and $998 /lifetime 
  • Enterprise 5: $249 /year and $625 /lifetime
  • Enterprise 3: $149 /year and $375 /lifetime

What ManyCam Discount Codes Are There?

The company offers up to 25% off all the annual and lifetime subscription plans on where you can subscribe for the software.

  • Premium: you can subscribe for $79/year (regularly $99) or for $149/lifetime (regularly $199)
  • Manycam Studio subscription will cost you only $59/year (regularly $69) and $119 for a lifetime (regularly $149)
  • Standard subscription with ManyCam code - $29/year (regularly $39) and $69 ($79 regularly)

With the up to 25% off Manny Cam discount, you’ll get the following annual and lifetime business subscription deals:

  • Enterprise 10: $279/year (regular $399) and $798/lifetime (regularly $998)
  • Enterprise 5: $189/year (regular $249) and $475/lifetime (regularly $625)
  • Enterprise 3: $119/year (regular $149) and $298/lifetime (regularly $375)

How to Redeem a ManyCam Coupon Code?

Are you in need to redeem a ManyCam studio premium discount code? We make it easy: 

1. Click on the button next to the deal of your choice to access the code. This button will automatically forward you to the page where you can use the codes.

2. Copy the code featured on the website and get ready to shop. The coupon is not applied automatically.

3. Select the subscription plan and continue to checkout.

4. Enter/paste the code in the checkout page and get the discount.

That’s it. You’re done. You just saved a lot of money!

Who Is a ManyCam Discount Coupon for?

The up to 25% off on the annual and lifetime business and individual subscription plans is available for all new subscribers. Keep in mind it is a limited time offer, though.

If you are new to the software, www ManyCam com offers an excellent educational platform where you can learn how to use ManyCams and all their features.

What is ManyCam used for?

Various fields such as education, broadcasting, web conferencing, gaming, and telehealth are using ManyCam because of its wide range of functionalities.

The ManyCam help platform also includes support if you need practical details on:

  • How to use ManyCam on Omegle
  • How to use ManyCam on Skype

Other Deals

With the ManyCam Affiliate Program, you can earn a 25% commission on every sale. ManyCam offers an affiliate program and reseller program. The majority of its members are enthusiastic about ManyCam.

ManyCams affiliate and reseller program members are mostly deal providers, content developers, social media influencers, and teachers. ManyCam keeps close communication with the members and provides exclusive deals and coupons, as well as a ManyCam VIPkid discount and a ManyCam teacher discount.

The ManyCam free software is available online, and it is suitable for Windows and Mac. ManyCam studio free software is also available on Android and iOS.

Payment options include all major credit cards, PayPal, Wire Transfer, Union Pay, and Skrill Wallet.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Refunds are accepted up to 30 days from the date of placing the order from the ManyCam website. ManyCam com free chat offers excellent support.

Why Choose ManyCam?

ManyCam is a webcam software designed to improve the functionality of webcams while live streaming, chatting, teaching and web conferencing. With ManyCam, you can create professional-looking broadcasts on any platform and even record your screen.

What's more, you can easily manage the sources, the images, the voice, and the background image in real-time.

Many Cam features include Multiple video sources, Picture-in-Picture, Chroma key (Green screen), Video effects, Face accessories, Screen sharing, Live streaming, Video recording, and much more.

The software supports 4K video and allows you to draw & add text to video, broadcast to multiple channels simultaneously. 

Take this exclusive offer with a ManyCam discount coupon and try it out today!