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MacPaw Coupon/Promo Codes/Deals 2021

A major award winner, MacPaw won a Red Dot design award in 2017 for its Gemini 2 product. In January 2018, it won the Golden Kitty Award for Consumer Product of the Year. Most recently, it was named one of the most innovative companies in Europe in 2019 by the publication Fast Company. It also won the 2019 SaaS Award for Best SaaS Product for Productivity.

What Does MacPaw Provide?

The company is popular for cleanup products such as CleanMyMac X, which removes junk from your macOS. The Mac cleaning tools in CleanMyMac X reduce the computer bloat in seconds and also work to speed up your system and remove viruses.

The Uninstaller and Updater functions remove pointless apps and update your software. The speedup tools free up RAM, run maintenance scripts, manage Login Items, Launch Agents, and Hung Applications. 

MacPaw works towards helping you take care of your Mac. The price varies considerably, but the CleanMyMac software cost all depends on how many Macs you plan to install the program on. You can also bring it down by using a CleanMyMac promo code.

For 1 Mac, you can purchase it for $89.95, or subscribe for $34.95 a year. 

For 2 Macs, the purchase is $134.95, and you can subscribe for $54.95 a year. 

For 5 Macs, the cost is $199.95, and subscription is $79.95 a year. 

How Can You Use a MacPaw Coupon?

If you’re looking for online sales offers, you qualify for discounts on your purchase if you are getting licenses for more than one Mac. 

The Giving Assistant is offering an extra 25% off cleaning services, as well as 30% and 50% off your order offers.

The Color Mango site is offering a 60% MacPaw discount code on CleanMyMac - from $199.75 to $79.90 saving you $119.85.

The Slick Deals site is offering a code for a free Encrypto Software Download.

There are also a handful of sign up offers via the MacPaw site:

Users of older versions of CleanMyMac can upgrade to CleanMyMac X with 50% off. If you use other Mac cleaners or antivirus, you can get a competitor discount with 40% off CleanMyMac X. If you own another MacPaw product, you can get a 30% discount.

MacPaw also offers free trials and demo versions of the software, so you can try those out before making a purchase.

There is a 30% MacPaw discount on all purchases at the MacPaw Store. So, you already have the discount if you’ve bought at least one MacPaw product license before.

There are also benefits for students. You can sign up for a 30% discount on a selected range of MacPaw products. However, you need an active .edu email address.

And if you’re looking to make some money from using a MacPaw bundle, you can join the MacPaw Affiliate Program, which has a 35% per sale starting commission and performance-based incentives.

On TopCashback, you get up to 10% of your purchase back when you shop with MacPaw.

How Can You Save More with Holiday Shopping Coupons and Discounts?

It's a good idea to keep an eye on MacPaw during the holidays, as it shares temporary MacPaw coupon codes, such as a CleanMyMac coupon, on some special occasions such as Christmas and Halloween.

However, you have to be quick, as you can only use them in a specific time period. Go through the official website to get more information.

Popular Deals and Offers

MacPaw sends a lot of deals and news, so it's worth subscribing to the email list to keep on top of this. For those who already buy with MacPaw, the upgrades cost 50% of the normal price, making ongoing purchases an attractive prospect.   

Where Can You Shop for MacPaw's Products

As well as the official MacPaw website, you can go to the store, where you can also make use of a Clean My Mac coupon. There are also other providers like and Amazon. 


Cleanup software has a number of brands operating within the market. For instance, Drive Genius ($79) is one that provides the basics. There are also programs such as iMovie MacClean, which give CleanMyMac a run for its money.

You can either get a personal license for one Mac for $29.99 or subscribe for $19.99 a year. If you need a family license for up to five Macs, this costs $39.99.

There are free programs like CCleaner Free, which is very popular and has some of the same tools that uninstall apps, remove startup items, and erase drives.

As a competitive brand, it works hard to hook its customers in, especially the enticing offer where upgrades cost 50% of the normal price. But the price is higher than many of its competitors'. There are other apps that offer similar functions for less, or you can use a collection of free programs to make the most of the same features. However, this can be a lot more effort.

How to Get Familiar with MacPaw

The top pick is, undoubtedly, the latest CleanMyMac version, CleanMyMac X, which helpfully offers beginner product packages to ease you in, as well as additional offers to help you along. Use a CleanMyMac X coupon for extra savings.

What Are People Saying about MacPaw?

The 5-star online reviews on Amazon are full of praise, but the Mac Update site gives a wider variety of reviews. While some are overly harsh with 1-star reviews, the average 3 out of 5 tells a more balanced tale.

Expert blogger opinions and reviews on Software How and MacWorld speak highly of CleanMyMac, especially the former, which is their top recommendation. But MacWorld is critical of its malware detection, saying it still needs work.

A MacPaw coupon code is easy to come by, and as a package that gives any Mac user peace of mind, its CleanMyMac service covers a lot of bases. Why not grab a CleanMyMac discount code for 2021 and try it out today?