LiquidWeb Coupon/Promo Codes/Deals 2021: Save up to 35%

Liquid Web promises to be there for you in every aspect of your hosting journey, from pre-order to migrations, security, customer support, and so on. Its Service Level Agreement ensures that the company always goes above and beyond in everything, including hardware replacement, response times, and also compensation due to downtime. 

The team’s initial response time is as soon as 30 minutes, one of the quickest available. And if you ever experience any downtime, the SLA’s 100% uptime guarantee means that you will be aptly compensated! Keep reading to get your hands on LiduidWeb discount coupons today!

The range of solutions available on Liquid Web caters to every need. You can find products for dedicated hosting, cloud, VPS, CMS, and ecommerce, Enterprise solutions, and other add-ons. Under the CMS and ecommerce products, Liquid Web also offers managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting.

Here's a glimpse on some of the LiquidWeb hosting pricing plans:

LiquidWeb VPS

  • 2GB RAM - $59/month
  • 4GB RAM - $99/month
  • 8GB RAM - $139/month
  • 16GB RAM - $189/month

Liquid Web Managed WordPress

  • Spark - $19/month
  • Maker - $79/month
  • Designer - $109/month
  • Builder - $149/month
  • Producer - $299/month
  • Executive - $549/month
  • Enterprise $999/month

LiquidWeb Public Cloud Hosting

  • Standard - $250/month
  • Professional - $495/month
  • Premier - $1,090/month

What LiquidWeb Coupon Code and Deals Are There?

Everyone loves to save! So, we’ve scoured the net to find Liquid promotions to help you subscribe to LiquidWeb at the most affordable prices. A Liquid Web sale exists in many different forms. At times, you can find a Liquid Web VPS coupon code or special prices for any hosting packages as well as percentage discounts.

Here’s the currently available Liquid Web coupon:

  • 35% off 4 months subscription for any Liquid Web hosting product
  • Cloud hosting beginning at $51 a month

Do keep in mind, however, that, as is typical with special offers, they might only be valid for a limited time only. So, be sure to check the fine print! Additionally, some offers also require a few more steps to get the discount, which we’ll go over in the next section.

How to Redeem Liquidweb Discount Coupons?

Copy your desired code and go to to select your product or service. Once you have selected it, you will be taken to Step 1 to configure your server. Ensure everything is what you are searching for, then hit Add to Cart. This will then take you to Step 2 where you can preview your configuration.

Confirm that all your selected configurations are correct. When you’re ready to checkout, paste your copied coupon code where it says Have a Coupon? Continue to checkout where you will be prompted to sign up. Then, just enter all your personal and banking information for payment. Complete your transaction, and you’re all set!

Who is a LiquidWeb Coupon for?

If you have a website or are looking to build one, then LiquidWeb is for you. LiquidWeb has been in the business of empowering individuals and their online homes for many years.

If you need a reliable web host that puts customers at the very focus of its hosting solutions and customer service, then LiquidWeb is your best choice.

Other Deals

Every now and then, you can also find seasonal Liquid Web discounts right on the official website. At this time, you’re in luck to save big with the current offer!

Use the code SAVEBIG to get 3 months subscription at 50% off! However, this offer only exists for certain LiquidWeb products, so be sure to head to the company website for more information.

For the latest LiquidWeb deals, sign up your email with the company to receive the latest deals, such as a Liquid Web VPS coupon code. This way, you will never miss a Liquid Web deal ever again, including a Liquid Web Black Friday voucher.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

Sadly, Liquid Web does not have a money-back guarantee policy for WordPress Hosting. You only get a refund for cancellation if you are on a Cloud VPS plan. However, you won’t be getting the full amount, as it will be prorated. Your refund will depend on how many days are left to your current billing period.

To initiate the cancellation process and get a refund, you are required to submit a ticket via your account dashboard. Usually, you will get an email reply within 24 hours, explaining that you will lose access to your account.

The email also asks why you are seeking to cancel your account, which is optional for you to reply to. After this, you will receive another two emails. The first is to confirm that your account is canceled, and the second is to notify you about your refund.

Why Choose LiquidWeb?

LiquidWeb is a trusted partner of over 45,000 customers in 150 countries and counting. Clients trust it because the company has been proven to be a reliable partner time and time again.

LiquidWeb ensures that its over 1.5 million websites are well taken care of with high-speed, hassle-free, and secure Liquid hosting. And if you encounter any problems or downtime along the way, you will be sure to get assistance and even receive compensation accordingly.

Try out LiquidWeb with our LiquidWeb coupon today!