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Free Sample Kit When You Sign Up For Newsletter

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Free Sample Kit When You Sign Up For Newsletter

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Get 10% Off Your First Order

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Get 10% Off Your First Order

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Get 500 Business Cards For $8.50

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Hot Deal

Get 500 Business Cards For $8.50

Expired On August 31, 2021

GotPrint Coupon/Promo Codes/Deals 2021 uses experts to satisfy everyone’s online printing needs. So, what are the pillars of its business?

  • Powerful design tools
  • Friendly customer service
  • High-quality printing
  • Affordable GotPrint pricing
  • Variety of paper stock options
  • Trusted by brands and designers
  • Fast turnaround time

To get the best deals that GotPrint offers, don’t wait to get your order. Using the GotPrint coupon code BACK2BIZ, you get a 10% off on your next order! Check out some of the other GotPrint discounts and get a coupon for GotPrint. coupon codes are available for almost every group of printable materials. The usual coupons are 10% off, while there are some special offers for which you don’t need a coupon. For instance, you get free shipping on Trifecta pearl business cards and a free sample kit on request. 

Using the GotPrint business cards promo code BACK2BIZ and the free shipping if you choose the Trifecta pearl means that you’ve managed to get a great discount!

You can go through each and every Got Print coupon in the section below. 

What GotPrint Coupon Codes/Promo Codes Are There?

Some of the GotPrint coupons you should pay attention to are the following: 

  • Got Print coupon code NEW2020 - you get a 10% off new customer discount. The maximum discount at checkout with this code is $100.
  • If you use the GotPrint promo code SAVE2020, you’ll save $5 anytime you spend $50. Also, you save $10 for every $100 order and $25 for spending $200. The maximum discount is $25. 
  • The Got Print promo code TEE10 will get you 10% off on all T-shirts.
  • By using the GotPrint discount code GRTNG10, you get 10% off on greeting cards.
  • The promotional code EVENTTIX10 gives you a 10% off on event tickets.
  • coupon code for getting a 10% off on photo books is PBOOK15.
  • If you want to get a 10% off on door hangers, you should use the GotPrint promo code DRHNGR10.

How to Redeem a GotPrint Coupon Code? 

The process of redeeming a coupon is quite straightforward. There are no complicated steps that you need to follow. All you need to remember are the GotPrint promo codes and add them to the order they are applicable, upon checkout. 

However, you should bear in mind that once you go through the order and checkout you can’t apply the coupon. So, make sure to do it right on time just so you get the discount!

Who Can Use Coupons for GotPrint?

GotPrint coupons are both for new and returning businesses and individuals. Anyone can use the coupons, and that’s how GotPrint likes to show appreciation and respect to its customers. 

Every now and then, there are various promotions and coupons that are available at GotPrint’s coupons page. So, anyone who is willing to spend some time checking out the coupons page frequently can indeed get valuable special offers and discounts.

Now is the time to explore and get the next printograph coupon

Other Deals

There are other offers at GotPrint for which you do not even need to use a GotPrint promo code. Those are getting a free sample kit and free shipping on Trifecta Pearl. 

Free Sample Kit

When it comes to getting a free sample kit, anyone can get it, and the first one for every customer is free of charge. Also, customers aren’t charged for the shipping of the sample kit either. Within the sample kit, every customer gets: 

  • Samples of the most popular print products such as brochures, flyers, stickers, etc. 
  • Paper stocks (glossy, uncoated, recycled, matte), as well as samples of the Ultra Thick Trifecta.
  • Different samples concerning size and finish. 

Once you order the free sample kit, it will be delivered to your home in about two weeks’ time. Whenever you get multiple kits with free samples, only the first one will be free. 

GotPrint Free Shipping on Trifecta Pearl

Another valuable offer that customers shouldn’t miss is the free shipping on Trifecta Pearl. You can get free shipping on 1,000 business cards printed on 35 pt. Trifecta Pearl with Kanvas Texture. This option is applicable for 2" x 3.5" US for standard size only.

Some of the terms to qualify for free shipping are the following:

  • The order will be shipped for free if it applies to the continental US, excluding Hawaii and Alaska.
  • Free shipping will be applied at checkout and can’t be done after checkout.
  • It is valid for a limited time only and excludes rush orders. 
  • Free shipping can’t be combined with other discounts, marketing, design, or mailing services.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

GotPrint wants to provide a valuable policy to make all the customers satisfied. If you’re not entirely satisfied with the finished printed product, you should notify GotPrint within six business days following the date of pick-up or delivery of the product. 

This way, by sending the product back to GotPrint, you’ll get a full refund of the printing cost only. Nevertheless, you are still responsible for all the shipping costs that come along with the return of the product.

GotPrint doesn’t provide any refunds or credit for any orders (including but not limited to product orders, Design Services orders, and Logo Services orders) unless GotPrint cancels such orders at its sole discretion. 

You must notify GotPrint within six business days following the date of pick-up or delivery if you discover any defects within the ordered product. After such notification, GotPrint will re-print the order. 

In order to receive a replacement, you may be asked to return 100% of the received product within 15 days (at your own expense) from the time the ordered product was delivered.

Saving Tips and Tricks without a Coupon 

GotPrint wants to enable everyone to get the most of their services and that’s why they offer great 10% and 20% deals. Those are available just by using the promotional codes on their coupon’s page.

If you don’t want to use the codes, then you have a GotPrint promo code free shipping which is applicable for the Trifecta Pearl business cards orders. 

Why Choose GotPrint?

Now, you might be asking yourself, why choose a GotPrint coupon?

Well, the simple answer to this question would be - because using Gotprint’s coupons is such a straightforward process to save yourself some money while getting a quality service. GotPrint’s motto is to provide innovative print solutions that will be accessible to everyone. 

GotPrint is an entirely web-based company that focuses on assisting consumers and small and medium-sized businesses with their promotional needs. You can order Gotprint’s materials online while getting some help from friendly and knowledgeable customer service reps. 

GotPrint has a strong reputation for industry-leading quality, top-notch reliability, cost-effective prices, and a wide selection of services. That’s why businesses and individuals trust it.

So, will you also trust it and get a GotPrint coupon right away?