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Browse Online Safely on iOS, Android, & Other Devices

Valid Till June 30, 2021

CyberGhost Coupon/Promo Codes/Deals 2021

Every month, CyberGhost changes the deals that it offers. This month, it is running the following offer:

  • Save 79% on the annual plan

You can also get 82% off the CyberGhost 3-year deal, no coupon code required. 

What CyberGhost Coupons/Promo Codes Are There?

CyberGhost offers percentage-based deals on its long-term plans, designed to make them more appealing. Here, you get a higher percentage off the asking price, the longer you sign up and the more money you hand over upfront.

CyberGhost promo codes don’t reduce what you pay by an absolute amount. Instead, they slash the overall cost by a certain percentage (and usually a very generous one). 

How to Redeem a CyberGhost Coupon Code

Want to find out how to get the best CyberGhost deals

Here’s what you need to do: 

First, redeem your code on our website. 

To do this click the button next to the deal of your choice.

Once you click the button, we will forward you to the discount coupon page where you can get the discount applied. CyberGhost dedicates an entire page to coupon-hunters. 

So, all you need to do is click “claim your deal,” and the site will automatically use the CyberGhostVPN coupon and forward you to the checkout page. You don’t need to do anything else!

Remember, doing this helps you to save a lot of money. You can get a great CyberGhost VPN deal and sign up to emails that keep you up to date with the company’s latest offers on VPN services. 

Who Is a CyberGhost Coupon for?

CyberGhost coupons are available to both new subscribers and existing customers. The best value deal offered by the company is its 3-year subscription where you pay the full cost upfront.

Other Deals

CyberGhost offers four standard subscription types: 

  • Monthly 
  • 1-year
  • 2-year 
  • 3-year

It also offers a promotional 18-month subscription, offering extra discounts. 

Without a CyberGhost promo code, you’ll pay $12.99 per month for the rolling monthly service. 

If you choose the two-year subscription, you’ll pay $88.56 in total, translating to $3.69 per month. And if you go for a one-year subscription, you’ll pay $71.88, working out at $5.99 per month. 

There is also a “Flash Sale” option that allows you to get the best possible value. Clicking this gives you 18 months (instead of 12 months) and saves you a whopping 79%!

All deals come with the full CyberGhost feature set, including access to a wide range of severs and the ability to connect up to seven devices at a time to the network. All deals, including Flash Sale deals, come with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

CyberGhost discount offers also run periodically, allowing you to save on CyberGhost premium plus and other plans. 

There is no CyberGhost free plan

You can pay for a CyberGhost plan using multiple methods, including PayPal, credit and debit card, and Bitcoin. 

Refund/Cancellation Policy

CyberGhost asks customers to pay upfront for the period of time that they use the service, be it a month or three years.

The firm offers a 45-day CyberGhost refund policy, allowing unhappy customers to get their money back. You can use discount codes and still benefit from the money-back guarantee. 

Saving Tips and Tricks without a Coupon 

Interestingly, you don’t need a CyberGhost coupon code to benefit from the massive savings on offer by this VPN brand. The best way to save money is to choose a longer-term plan that reduces the average monthly cost. If you know you’ll be using the service for a long time, this is the best option. 

You can also save additional money by waiting for CyberGhost to host a Flash Deal. Look for the flash deal option on the homepage or in the bottom left corner of your browser window and click it for additional discounts and free months. 

Why Choose CyberGhost?

There are numerous VPNs out there, so why use CyberGhost? 

First, CyberGhost provides a vast number of servers. Users on all plans get access to more than 6,500 servers across a variety of locations, dramatically speeding up their browsing experience. 

Second, the company offers some of the most compelling discounts in the industry. Those planning on using VPNs long-term can get access to private networks for far less money than with major rivals. Prices are really competitive. 

Third, CyberGhost offers a 45-day refund policy, one of the most generous in the industry, allowing users to get their money back if they’re not happy with the service. If you’re not satisfied with the speeds you get, you can cancel your subscription and get your money back. 

CyberGhost guarantees your anonymity while you use the CyberGhost VPN premium service. It operates a strict “no log” policy, meaning that the firm stores none of your online activity on VPN servers for any future use (such as advertising). 

What’s more, the platform allows you to secure personal data on up to seven devices. This feature means that a single plan is usually sufficient to cover all the phones, tablets, and PCs in your home, giving you an airtight browsing experience. CyberGhost VPN for Mac and PC are both available. So too is CyberGhost download Windows.

CyberGhost also makes it easy to get online through its VPN. It uses a one-click connect system and a simple interface to help you get online faster. The program itself is particularly intuitive, making it clear when you are using the VPN and when you are not. 

Finally, people go for a CyberGhost deal because of its secure payment options. Choose between a range of payment methods and get access to a one-time PC clean-up Restoro license and access to NoSpy servers. 

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