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Bing Ads Coupon/Promo Codes/Deals 2021 

Appearing next to the search results on Bing, MSN, Yahoo, and AOL, your ads will be seen on over 116 million desktop devices that run over 5.5 billion searches. You will pay per click, which means only for those ads the consumers actually click on. 

With a Bing coupon, $100 in credits can be yours today!

You might be wondering:

What are ad vouchers? 

The answer is simple: 

These are vouchers you can use to get credits or discounts and save on your ads. You can find your Bing Ads coupon code 2020 here and start advertising for less today! 

What Bing Ads Coupons/Promo Codes Are There?

  • Get a $100 Bing coupon code in the US!
  • $40 bing ads coupon code! US only!
  • $250 of Bing Ad voucher 
  • Bing Ads promotional code for Microsoft Advertising $100 free credits
  • Bing promotional offer for Canada! Get a $50 coupon!
  • Bing coupon for Canada! Get a CA$100 ad credit coupon!
  • Bing promotional code for the UK! Get a £50 Bing coupon now!
  • Bing promo codes for points 20% off
  • Bing promo codes for points 75% off

Unfortunately, there is no affiliate program available for Microsoft Advertising. There is a rewards program, though, that lets you earn redeemable points for some actions such as purchases or searches. 

How to Redeem a Microsoft Advertising Coupon? 

Using your Bing Ads promo code is as easy as it gets. All you need to do is:

1. Click the button next to the deal of your choice. It will take you to the Microsoft Advertising page.

2. Use your Bing Ad promo code at the checkout by pasting it into the APPLY coupon box. 

3. Your Bing promo code will be activated. 

Congratulations - you have saved money on advertising with Bing! 

Who Are Bing Coupons for? 

Promotional offers, coupon advertisements, and deals are usually created for new customers. When it comes to Microsoft Advertising, these deals usually require that a certain amount of money is spent before you get additional credits for free.

You can find these offers through promo events, special offers, and online marketing drives.

Additionally, you can’t request offers, and you must have a payment method set up for your account before you redeem your offer. You can’t use an offer to pay for an existing balance.

Codes can be used only once, and only one offer can be activated at a time. Watch out for expiration dates, as offers are time-sensitive.

Other Bing Ads Deals

Bing Ads doesn’t offer a classic free trial. That being said, you will be granted free credits for signing up. And after you spend a certain amount, you’ll enjoy free advertising for a while, making it very similar to a free trial.

Payment methods for Microsoft Advertising include credit and debit cards, wire transfers, PayPal checks, and more, depending on the currency of your account and your billing address.

It may also vary depending on whether you have a postpay threshold account, a prepaid account, or a monthly invoice account. You can also register an eligible bank account and use it as a payment method.

Bing Ads Refund/Cancellation Policy

A cancellation period for Microsoft Advertising is also known as a cooling period and lasts for 14 days from the day of purchase. In case the service was already partially delivered, you will get a pro-rata refund. 

If you bought digital content, you can get a refund before you started the download. Otherwise, all purchases are final and non-refundable unless stated differently by the offeror.

You can cancel your paid services, which will stop further payments. However, you might not receive a refund, and you might have to pay cancellation fees. You might also be billed at the end of the billing period during which you have canceled.

Additionally, you might lose access to your account. 

Saving Tips and Tricks without a Coupon

There are a couple of ways to save without using a Bing Ad coupon:

First, if you’re a new customer, you’ll get $100 of credits for Bing Ads. That way, you can basically test out Bing free advertising! This on-site offer will grant you free credits for Microsoft Advertising to set you off!

Second, once you have completed your account set up as a new customer and spent $25 in Microsoft Advertising, you’ll get $100 in search advertising as promo credit. You’ll be able to use it until its exhausted or the offer expires.

Why Choose BingAds?

Running any type of business today is virtually impossible without online advertising.  This is where our Bing Ads coupon comes in to help you get a better deal on your campaigns.

Every type of product or content needs a marketing boost that will make it reach a wider audience or even go viral. Whatever your budget is, you can decide on saving with Bing. 

The main thing is:

It’s a considerable cost cut compared to the competition. And with a Bing Ads promo code, you will be able to test, enjoy free Bing Ads for a while and start your advertising journey with the best deal.