17 Mind-Blowing Cloud Computing Trends in 2020

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Well she’s walking through the clouds With a circus mind that’s running wild Jimi Hendrix Cloud computing is undoubtedly one of the 21st century’s most significant innovations. To help you come to grips with the scope of the industry, we’re going to look at the latest cloud computing trends.  So, without further ado, let’s fly […]

21 Amazing Augmented Reality Statistics [The 2020 View]

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Augmented reality technology (AR) integrates digital information with the physical environment, live and in real-time. It works by adding graphics, sounds, haptic feedback, and/or smells to the natural world. In this way, it’s able to combine real life with a superimposed image or animation, using the camera on a mobile device or special headgear.  Augmented […]

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17 Shocking Phishing Statistics You Need to Read in 2020

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Our personal information should remain personal. However, billions of phishing emails are sent every day, alarming phishing statistics reveal. What’s worse: We open many of them, resulting in hackers getting hold of our data. Let’s learn more about how is phishing a security threat and the importance of being vigilant when it comes to our […]

How Many Subscribers Does HBO Have? [19 Stats for 2020]

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In case you didn’t know, HBO stands for “Home Box Office.” It’s a premium cable and satellite television network launched in 1972. And the company’s headquarters are in New York City.  Now: You might be wondering how many subscribers does HBO have now? According to HBO statistics from 2017, HBO had 142 million subscribers worldwide.  […]

Facebook Live

11+ Facebook Live Stats that Will Blow Your Mind

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Even if you’re not into creating live videos yourself, we bet you’ve seen everyone from your high school mate Kate to pop celebrities like Beyoncé use Facebook Live to get in touch with their friends and followers.  Are you ready to find out the most intriguing Facebook Live stats for 2020? Then don’t go anywhere. […]

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13 Mind-blowing Virtual Tour Statistics [Updated for 2020]

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Virtual tours are a new form of marketing that allows customers to experience services or products by a retailer in a virtual environment.  Thanks to the evolution of digital photography and virtual imaging, 360 photos and virtual tours are readily available. Here’s the deal:  A virtual tour can improve a business, as it gives a […]

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20 Eye-catching Graphic Design Statistics [New for 2020]

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The graphic design industry is going through some massive changes. The thing is: Graphic design statistics point to a dramatic shift from press to screen and the ever-growing importance of good visual content. What’s more: As our attention is split between multiple devices, apps, and platforms, an image has less and less time to catch […]

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How Many Blog Posts per Day Should I Publish in 2020?

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You can find a blog on any topic these days, as more people are starting one either as a hobby or to make a few extra bucks.  Yes, blogging can be a lucrative income. But only a small percentage of bloggers actually make sustainable incomes.  Why? Because coming up with original and creative content can […]

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18 Incredible Web Design Statistics [The 2020 Verdict]

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How many times have you quit a page because it had a web design that wasn’t optimized for mobile?  Probably way more than you can remember. And you’re not alone.  Web design statistics tell us everyone who pays attention to the importance of good and functional web design, from budding bloggers to big brands, is […]

17+ Mind-Blowing Virtual Reality Statistics [2020 Update]

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Have you heard about Virtual Reality (VR)? Or maybe seen people with a headset playing video games, or virtually traveling around the Maldives?  So, how about learning something some more virtual reality statistics to get a complete insight into the industry? First things first: Virtual Reality is the simulated, sensory experience including sight, hearing, smell, […]