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13+ Astonishing Web Hosting Statistics [The 2021 Update]

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We can’t live without the internet.  But what enables users to retrieve all this information in a few clicks? Where do all these websites live?  Well, there’s a whole mechanism intricately working behind the scenes. If you don’t come from an IT background, you probably don’t know what web hosting even means.  Don’t fret:  Today, […]

17+ Mind-Blowing Virtual Reality Statistics [2021 Update]

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Have you heard about Virtual Reality (VR)? Or maybe seen people with a headset playing video games, or virtually traveling around the Maldives?  So, how about learning something some more virtual reality statistics to get a complete insight into the industry? First things first: Virtual Reality is the simulated, sensory experience including sight, hearing, smell, […]

How Many Subscribers Does HBO Have? [21 Stats for 2021]

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In case you didn’t know, HBO stands for “Home Box Office.” It’s a premium cable and satellite television network launched in 1972. And the company’s headquarters are in New York City.  Now: You might be wondering how many subscribers does HBO have now? According to HBO statistics from 2017, HBO had 142 million subscribers worldwide.  […]

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15 Astonishing Video Conferencing Statistics for 2021

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The meteoric rise of video conferencing is taking the world by storm.  As a result, the video call is fast becoming an essential business tool rather than an optional innovation, video conferencing statistics reveal.  So much so that we’re seeing everything from simple one-on-one meetings to large office meetings and ultimately to full events live-streamed […]

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17+ Facebook Live Stats that Will Blow Your Mind

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Even if you’re not into creating live videos yourself, we bet you’ve seen everyone from your high school mate Kate to pop celebrities like Beyoncé use Facebook Live to communicate with their friends and followers.  Are you ready to find out the most intriguing Facebook Live stats for 2021? Then don’t go anywhere. First things […]

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20 Eye-Catching Graphic Design Statistics [New for 2021]

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The graphic design industry is going through some massive changes. The thing is: Graphic design statistics point to a dramatic shift from press to screen and the ever-growing importance of good visual content. What’s more: As our attention is split between multiple devices, apps, and platforms, an image has less and less time to catch […]

29+ Technology in the Workplace Statistics for 2021

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Back in 1930, economist John Maynard Keynes thought the workweek would go down to 15 hours as technology advanced. However, the hours had only gotten longer, and the commute was introduced as a brand new work-related time-consuming aspect of the day. Now: The fear of new technologies is anything but new, and every great advancement […]

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21 Online Shopping Statistics You Need to Read in 2021

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Since the first online purchase in 1994, online shopping has boomed into a multi-trillion dollar industry, as the latest online shopping statistics make perfectly clear. After all: There’s nothing more convenient than buying items online and having them delivered to your doorstep.  Unsurprisingly, the online shopping statistics we’ll look into today show some very impressive […]

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21+ Mesmerizing M-Commerce Statistics [Collected in 2021]

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The typical American spends around 5.4 hours on their mobile phone every day, smartphones statistics reveal. And online shopping is a big part of it. If you’re ready to find out more about the latest mobile shopping trends, check out the m-commerce statistics and mobile users statistics we’ve gathered for you.  You’ll also find answers […]

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How to Save Money Shopping Online [Tips & Tricks for 2021]

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Online shopping is always cheaper than shopping in-store, right? Well, yes and no.  The fact is:  Some things, sometimes, under certain circumstances are going to save you money, while others will not.  But of all times, now is the time to buy online! With that in mind:  Let’s see how to save money shopping online, […]