21+ Working from Home Stats that Will Surprise You in 2021

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Remote work is the new normal now that the world is still reeling from the effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. The remote workforce, however, is not totally new. In fact, it has been in existence for ages. The past decades gave it a more concrete form with the advent of technology. The advances in computers […]

15+ Exciting Robo Advisor Statistics [2021 Update]

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Everything is going digital! Even the way in the way in which we manage our investments. Investing is a job that used to require a broker at a brick-and-mortar stock exchange before first moving online about two decades ago. But we are now seeing an entirely new revolution in the field of investment management – […]

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What Is Mukbang? [And How It’s Taking 2021 by Storm]

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You might have heard about the hot new internet trend of eating in front of a webcam while thousands of people are watching. Or maybe seen a video of people eating or even competing against each other. In fact, it’s such a fun and popular activity, it even has a name. It’s called a Mukbang.  […]

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23 Coupon Statistics to Help You Save Money in 2021

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Coupons are shaping consumer behavior worldwide, from newspaper coupon clippings to unique codes and QR scans for coupon redemption.  As technology continues to evolve and affect how we shop, digital coupons are an innovative strategy for retailers to reward their loyal customers, coupon statistics confirm. Keep reading to learn some interesting coupon facts and stats […]

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What Is the Most Popular Web Server Application in 2021?

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If you’ve spent your fair share of time online, you’ve probably heard of or come across the word server. And even if you haven’t, you’re still using them.  The thing is: Every time you connect to the internet and every time you’re opening an app like Instagram, you’re connecting to a web server. The million-dollar […]

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20 Stunning Live Streaming Statistics to Keep an Eye on

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You can find a live stream on any topic you can think of:  From live sports broadcasts of your favorite football team, to Instagram Live sessions and live video blogs by your favorite celebrities and influencers, to a Zoom meeting with your friends and colleagues – live streaming is taking over the world right now. […]

personal finances

17 Personal Finance Statistics to Help You Balance the Books

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Have you seen the Netflix series Dirty Money? If you have, we bet you assumed it’s based on a true story.  It’s not. But it still sounds familiar. We handle money on a daily basis. And yet, 43% of the respondents in a recent survey don’t know how much money their spouse is earning.  Isn’t […]

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15+ Worrying Cell Phone Addiction Statistics for 2021

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Have you ever glanced at your phone screen time statistics and been shocked by the amount of time you’ve spent on your phone all day simply just scrolling?  Let’s face it: You’re not alone. In fact, the latest cell phone addiction statistics illustrate an alarming problem: We can’t seem to stay off our phones!  Understandably, […]

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How Many Blog Posts per Day Should I Publish in 2021?

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You can find a blog on any topic these days, as more people are starting one either as a hobby or to make a few extra bucks.  Yes, blogging can be a lucrative income. But only a small percentage of bloggers actually make sustainable incomes.  Why? Because coming up with original and creative content can […]

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18 Incredible Web Design Statistics [The 2021 Verdict]

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How many times have you quit a page because it had a web design that wasn’t optimized for mobile?  Probably way more than you can remember. And you’re not alone.  Web design statistics tell us everyone who pays attention to the importance of good and functional web design, from budding bloggers to big brands, is […]